Our Values

At First Children's Academy each child's needs and interests are individually met and stimulated using various pathways of learning. We understand the importance of learning through discovery, therefore we are always instilling a love for exploration through fun and play. With the collaboration of parents and loved ones, our professional and talented teachers build skills essential for long-term success in both academics and life. Following the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards, our school provides a well-rounded curriculum of all subjects’ areas. Also enriching the program, are multiple elective classes in the fields of the arts, fitness and technology. Our goal is not only to create successful students, but also successful human beings. With focus on etiquette and discipline, along with education and promoting individual talents, every activity in which your child engages in is an opportunity to teach. With an "open door policy", we encourage parents and loved ones to stop by and visit our spacious facility, both indoor and outdoor and see firsthand why we are the right fit for your child. With amenities to accommodate every child, whether in the process of learning, or in the process of play, we provide a sense of security, cleanliness and comfort while stimulating the minds of tomorrow. Your children are our future and will cherish them as such.

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