School Facilities

First Children's Academy's 40,000 square foot facility is a child's dream turned into a reality. Strategically divided into a Daycare and an Elementary School, FCA boasts spacious rooms fully equipped for all your child needs, both academic and recreational. We believe in a creating a warm and kid friendly environment that both stimulates and uplifts our children. Therefore, you will see that throughout our hallways and play areas, FCA is filled with colorful and vibrant artwork of all the children's favorite animals and characters. We also have two large playrooms, in which the children are able to roam freely and safely. Our daycare playroom is filled with all the toys a child can dream of while our School Age Playroom even has a floor to ceiling rock wall!  FCA also enjoys its own 4,800 square foot gymnasium, along with a Library Room and a room specifically and safely designed for Karate,Gymnastics and Yoga. We encourage our parents to take advantage of our open door policy and come take a personal look at all of our amenities. You will see that our spacious yet cozy home-like atmosphere is the ideal place to bring your children.

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