Arts & Movement


First Children's Academy offers an Art program for ages ranging between two years old and school age. This enrichment class teaches students the many different aspects of art including drawing, painting, clay modeling and sculpting, sketching, 3D art, and much much more! At FCA we fuel our children's imagination by giving them the freedom to express themselves through various materials, colors, lines, shapes, patterns and textures. By exposing them at a young age  and enhancing their artistic creativity, we assure children develop a long lasting appreciation for the arts. Offering more advanced classes though each age progression, we learn various techniques and styles of numerous artists before us. Every child loves to doodle, and our goal is to mold and expand this experience by channeling emotions and creating art.

Ballroom Dance is offered for children of ages three to five years old. Children are taught the Latin style of ballroom which includes traditional dances such as the Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive and Paso Doble.

*Crafts/Building Club is an opportunity for our children’s to embrace their creative side. Every week our kids get to create a unique art project or craft with various materials and resources. Our goal is to teach our children to utilize things they have around them to create something beautiful and interesting. This club puts a unique and fun spin on the idea of art and focuses on further stimulating the imagination.

All extracurricular activities that are marked with an asteris (*) are designed for our Afterschool Program and are conducted on Friday afternoons, free of charge!

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