Yoga has been growing in popularity, so naturally First Children's Academy has decided to bring it to our kiddies! Taught by a professional yoga instructor, FCA offers classes specified for our toddler/preschoolers as well as our pre-kindergarteners/kindergarteners. Our funky "animal twist" on classic Vinyasa poses keep the children focused and eager to learn more, while also practicing the importance of breathing and relaxing while controlling their bodies and minds. Through various games, children are taught coordination, flexibility, and concentration. We encourage parents to sign their children up for this effective and important enrichment class!

Russian language is offered to children of all ages as part of both the curriculum and an enrichment program. During Russian class, children have the opportunity of learning all about the vast Russian culture. Covering everything from history to literature, as well as the alphabet to idioms, this class is a perfect way to expand your child's mind and knowledge of outside cultures. The children are also told classic Russian tales and stories emphasizing good morals and life lessons. This optional enrichment class places emphasis on conversational and language arts skills. Children learn vocabulary as well as reading and writing the Russian language.

Our *Culinary Club, is a wonderful way for our after schoolers to explore their creativity through the culinary arts. Every week, our kiddies "stir up" a new recipe all while learning about nutrition, measuring skills,  as well as culinary and baking safety and techniques. This interactive and hands on program is amongst a favorite of our children, eager to share their new concoctions with family and friends.

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