Science and Technology


Computer Class is introduced in Pre-Kindergarten, where children are familiarized with the computer and touch screen system. Children are taught to turn on and operate computers independently. They then learn to gain access to our learning based programs where they are able to virtually practice their reading and mathematics skills.

Computer Class becomes a part of the curriculum starting in Kindergarten, in which our children continue to learn and master how to operate a computer system.

*Science Club is a fun and wacky way to unleash our inner mad scientists! With a zany experiment every week, Science club is an opportunity to intrigue and fascinate our children with the various laws and theories of our universe. Covering topics in chemistry, biology, and physics, our kids learn hands on what makes our world tick.

All extracurricular activities that are marked with an asteris (*) are designed for our Afterschool Program and are conducted on Friday afternoons, free of charge!

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