First Chidlren's Academy offers many different sports for various age groups. 

Physical Education is a part of our Elementary School Curriculum. With monthly goals and lesson plans, children are taught body awareness, fitness concepts, locomotor skills and many more physical milestones. While creating a fun twist that appeals to our little ones, Physical Education is one of their favorite times of the day!

Our Gymnastics enrichment program is popular among both daycare and school age children. Our Gymnastics room comes fully equipped with balance beams, horses and bars, yet remains a safe environment under the supervision of a trained professional. With lessons in tumbling, rolling, flexibility and poise, our gymnastics class will teach your young ones fitness and agility early on in life.

Wushu is a form of Chinese Martial Arts that focuses on teaching discipline and focus. Our children are trained by a professional martial arts choreographer that turns an ancient sport into a modern, fun and uplifting pastime. By teaching intricate movements that demonstrate balance and agility, this peaceful form of martial arts is the ideal option for children. Starting from students ages three and up, Wushu has become a popular activity for children of any age and gender!

Soccer is offered for children beginning from ages three to thirteen. While accommodating various age groups, children begin by learning the basics such as dribbling, passing, shooting to eventually mastering technique and precision. In our spacious indoor Gymnasium, children have the opportunity to learn and achieve teamwork with every practice and game.  Promoting fitness and physical endurance, both parents and children are thrilled to be a part of our Soccer Program.

Physical Activities is yet another enrichment program offered to children beginning from ages three until five years old. Our kiddies are taught important fine and gross motor skills such as target aiming, endurance, balance and multitasking. These skills, which are crucial for everyday life are taught to the children in a way which is both fun and age appropriate.

*Sports Club is an opportunity for our after schoolers to bond on a common interest. Every month, the sports club focuses on a sport and learns all about the history, rules and technique that is involved. Children have the opportunity to be knowledgeable in all areas of sport, while also experiencing hands on learning. With every week, our children look forward to being active and learning something they did not know the day before!

*Fitness Club - With an experienced and responsible instructor on hand, the fitness club is a fun and “cool” way of teaching our children the ins and outs of being fit. Mentors discuss the various ways of healthy living while also teaching the children light and appropriate exercises they are able to perform on their own. Students will learn proper core and strengthening exercises that target all the main muscle groups, while also training to increase flexibility, agility and balance.

*Kickboxing Club - In kickboxing club students will safely learn self-defense and martial arts techniques. Students have the opportunity to develop their muscular endurance, explosive power and cardiovascular health.

*Volleyball Club - This class is for students who are truly interested in the sport of volleyball. Our students come motivated and prepared to work hard on their fundamentals such as setting, serving and spiking. After playing a friendly yet active game, students leave both having had fun as well as a good workout!

All extracurricular activities that are marked with an asteris (*) are designed for our Afterschool Program and are conducted on Friday afternoons, free of charge!

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