What is a day like for Infants at First Children’s Academy?
Arrival…. parents may drop off their babies as early as 7am.  They are able to speak to the teachers about their babies evening and about their needs for the day while dropping off.

Feedings/Meals… all feedings are on demand as needed and as per the child’s schedule.  Babies are held during bottle feedings.  When they are old enough to be spoon fed, we feed them in supported seats. This ensures that mealtimes are a social time!

Naps… all naps are on demand as needed by the child.

Diaper Changing… is done every 2 hours and as needed.  

Pick-Up Time… parent may pick their infants up any time until 7pm. They are welcome to speak with the teachers regarding their child’s day; feedings/meals, naps, etc. 

We are much more then just daycare at First Children’s Academy.  Infants feel safe, secure, and happy in our “class”room, offering a stimulating, secure location where they receive personal and individualized attention and care.  Warm and caring teachers bond and develop a important trust with the infants.

In our program, infants are provided with…

  • Nurturing classroom environments
  • Educational toys and stimulating activities
  • Immersive learning experiences
  • Foundation for later learning     

To learn more, please visit us or email us to request some information