Preparing Every Child for Kindergarten…

At First Children’s Academy, children become familiar with the structure of a “Kindergarten” school day, while offering a balance of child directed as well as teacher directed activities.  The spacious classrooms are designed as an interactive learning community,  where children build skills vital to succeed in Kindergarten in a more organized environment.  

Each day is carefully designed with activities structured around the main developmental areas:

  • Language and Literacy: recognizes all letters upper and lower case, and their sounds
  • Math: develop and understanding of patterns, sorting, geometry, simple addition and subtraction, and graphing
  • Social Studies: learning about themselves, their community, and world around them
  • Science: understand natural and physical world through observation, description, and prediction
  • Creative Arts: express feeling and develop ideas through music, movement, and visual arts
  • Physical Development: ability to use fine and gross motor skills to explore the environment


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