At this tender age, our toddlers experience milestone after milestone. During such a developmental boom we guide our toddlers with a supportive schedule to ensure a balance of  learning development, imagination stimulation,  physical movement, outdoor play, and social interaction. With a weekly thematic curriculum available to parents, covering topics in Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, our toddlers make vast strides throughout the year in language and cognitive skills. While using multiple avenues of learning and sensory stimulation, such as music, creative arts, and the use of fine motor activities, we ensure your child becomes a well rounded individual, confident and ready for all aspects of life. The bond and open communication between teacher and family is of utmost importance to us to enhance each child’s milestones and meet their needs completely. With a warm environment, love of learning, and supportive backbone, your toddler with flourish and grow into an amazing preschooler!

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